Microsoft DirectX 12

Windows DirectX 12

Microsoft DirectX 12 is a new version of the graphics library to the end user updates the current version of DirectX – the built-in Windows® technology that allows you to run a high-speed multimedia and games on the computer.

Multimedia libraries package DirectX is designed to be installed on users’ computers and contains the latest components of the multimedia libraries and a set of API functions.
Multimedia libraries that are part of DirectX, allow you to communicate the services and components of the operating system with the video and audio drivers of audio and video cards of known manufacturers.The package is required for proper and productive work of many modern computer games, displaying full-color computer graphics, audio playback, video-and 3D-animation.

comparison DirectX 12

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  • Download the file, unzip it;
  • To install Direct X, you must run the installer, which will download and install all the necessary components;
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