Loader eXtreme Activator for Windows 7

Loader Extreme Activator for Windows 7

The fully automatic activator Windows 7 Loader Extreme helps users to get licensed Windows 7 in the most easiest way. You do not even require click any button working with that the simplest tool. Just get some patience and wait for a minute. The app will automatically choose appropriate way of Windows 7 activations.

Windows Loader Extreme Edition – is widely known and popular utility. One is suitable for any versions, builds or editions Windows 7. The activation process goes fast, smoothly and with guaranteed result. After successful activation user will have a licensed Windows 7 with fully operated system functions, tools, etc. It is the simplest war to get rid of an unpleasant dark background on your desktop panel. You will never be reminded with annoying message that your operating system has not valid license. Moreover, Windows 7 will pass any check and will keep activation even after upgrade or system updating.

Download File:
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win7loader_extreme.zip 2 MB  4864 (times)

Windows 7 Loader Extreme user guide:

  • Turn off anti-virus that app will able to replace some system files;
  • Download archived package;
  • Extract the archived filed (Password to archivewindows );
  • Set admin rights for w7lxe.exe;
  • Run it;
  • Don’t care about Windows’s dialogs;
  • Wait;
  • Reboot Os if it will not happen automatically;
  • Enjoy;

Loader extreme - activator for windows 7

If you computer background is high, please do not hesitate to use “Advanced Mode” for more possibilities and features.

Activation windows 7 with activator Windows Loader eXtreme edition

The most exciting things about this activator:

  • It supports any kind of Windows 7, independently from version, build or editions;
  • It has completely automated OS-activation process;
  • Tool is absolutely safe for a computer;
  • Utility provides full info related to OS;
  • App allows modifying of OEM data;
  • It has flexible settings for manual OS-activation if required;
  • Program offers offline method;
  • This is a possibility for a trial reset;

Instruction in video :

Instructions if something will going wrong:

  • Check if you run the executable file as admin;
  • Reboot OS followed by selection “Loader XE” on the new session;
  • Run w7lxe applying “Certificate” feature;

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