Download WIN-RAR for Windows

Download Winrar Final Rus

WinRAR is a powerful utility for creating and managing archives, contains a range of additional useful features. Without this program, you will not be able to work with archives, and they are used by almost all sites. Therefore, I recommend to establish this program the very first, after to reinstall Windows.
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Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Download ultimate windows tweaker

Even modern Windows line of operating systems requires careful setup and adjustment. To take full advantage of the system you must take into account a lot of features.
With utility Ultimate Windows Tweaker user easily find the necessary parameters and optimize them to suit your needs. The program is free and has an adapted interface.
Dialog Ultimate Windows Tweaker is made in the traditional colors of the popular operating system.
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Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

A set of libraries: Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015 suitable for all versions of the Windows.

Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package install runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries environment required to run applications developed with Visual C ++, on a computer without an established environment Visual C ++.
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Download AdwCleaner 6

downloadadv cleaner 6

AdwCleaner will allow you to get rid of adware on your computer in seconds by a quick scan of the system. The program detects and brings to light any adware, PUP / LPI (Potentially Unwanted Program), toolbars and programs that take control over your computer.
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Microsoft DirectX 12

Windows DirectX 12

Microsoft DirectX 12 is a new version of the graphics library to the end user updates the current version of DirectX – the built-in Windows® technology that allows you to run a high-speed multimedia and games on the computer.

Multimedia libraries package DirectX is designed to be installed on users’ computers and contains the latest components of the multimedia libraries and a set of API functions.
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Windows – Driver Genius Professional

Windows Driver Genius Professional

Driver Genius Professional is a program for managing drivers (backup, restore corrupted versions, updates, and deletes unnecessary), which has also some potential for hardware diagnostics.Driver Genius can automatically find the drivers for all devices, using data on the installed devices. It works with more than 30 thousand different motherboards, video cards, sound and network cards, modems, monitors, keyboards, mice, cameras, etc. Database software is constantly updated.
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Activation Windows 10 KMSpico

activator kmspico

Since the summer of 2016 microsoft returned to its old strategy and 10 Windows again requires activation, and although there are no serious restrictions on functionality, but will be possibly and they… In the meantime, in Windows 10 personalization isn’t available without activation (you can not change the appearance of windows 10) will appear a watermark with a reminder of the activation, a pop-up message on the activation windows 10. Read more »

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Download Activator MS ToolKit – Windows 8.1

 activation windows mstookit

Windows 8.1 doesn’t has a trial mode, now system requires activation since the first start, not just changing the wallpaper on your desktop with a signature : “Windows 8.1 Pro Build 9600″ , but also in arbitrary time locks the screen with the annoying requirement to activate. Also in the non-activated version windows 8 available some useful functions like personalization and other .
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Download Activator Windows 7 – Chew – WGA

activation windows 7 chewwga

If you just installed Windows 7, and you need the keys to the windows or your activation has flown – saver became black, and on the right you can see the inscription at the bottom: “Your copy of Windows is not genuine” or “Windows 7 build 7601″. Then you’ve come there where this trouble must be solved. For the Windows activation enough the one program that can be downloaded below for a direct link, without registering, expectations and without SMS.

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Activator Windows 8.1 Professional

windows 8.1 activator KMS

When Windows 8 has been released – many lost weight. But! Realizing that this is just another build and interface problems and other psychological shocks can be corrected, and not much has changed, and with the release windows 8.1 operating system in general has become quite suitable for use. Read more »

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